Worship is a dynamic experience at Green Acres. You'll feel at home at any of our services:

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SMBS = Sunday Morning Bible Study

SMBS — Sunday Morning Bible Study

People at our church make small group connections with people who know their name and their needs. These are the people who are there for you — anytime — from times of crisis to moments of celebration! All SMBS classes begicwjn at 9:45 am Sundays, unless otherwise noted.

SMBS Finder

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SMBS Finder

The Community
Ages 30+ Room 203

This class is for 30-somethings is taught by none other than Bryan Grant. Room 203 of the Adult Education Building is where you'll find The Community!

The Gathering
Ages 40+ Room 213

The Gathering is taught by the fun-loving and oh-so-wise Marisha Roberts and Reggie Banks. Is it true that real life begins at 40? Oh yes. Yes it is. Show up Sunday morning and you'll see.

click to enlargeRenew
Ages 35+ Room 112

This "Real Life" class is for married couples with blended families and couples prayerfully considering marriage. Join us for friendship and encouragement.

Today's Woman
Ages 35+ Room 111

You'll feel right at home among these ladies who know how to create a warm, nurturing environment and communicate God's truths in a relevant and practical way.

Ages 35+ Room 115 (8:15 am)

Adults of all ages in this group enjoy the best of both worlds: learning God's Word and how it applies to our everyday living.

The Discipleship Class
Ages 56+ Room 115

Want a study to help you grow in your knowledge and understanding of God's Word? This is a perfect class to grow in your faith.

Ages 35+ Room 210

This group strives to use your God-given talents, in your everyday life, to the glory of God! It will challenge you to explore His plan for you life.

Women Redefined
Ages 35+ Room 208

This class is for women who find themselves "suddenly single" after the unexpected death of a spouse. A warm, encouraging group of caring friends awaits you.

The Oasis
Ages 35-40 Room 203

Looking for answers to today's tough questions about life, relationships and growing closer to Christ through a daily walk with Him? Find it all right here!

click to enlargeEncouragers
Ages 47-56 Room 103

Get ready to dive headfirst into some of the most profound and practical books of the Bible. You'll walk away with new insights and an encouraging word.

Single Parents Of Significance
Ages 35+ Room 114

If you need to learn the Word of God and receive encouragement from people who know what you're going through, this class is for you!

click to enlargeFriends In Faith
Ages 41-47 Room 110

Here, you'll find a biblical blueprint for living our your beliefs in relationship with others and strengthen your foundation in Jesus Christ.

40 Days of Love
All Singles

This singles-wide Bible study from noted author Rick Warren begins February 12th in our Sunday Morning Bible Study classes. Come experience the joy and peace of being in the family of God!


SMBS Teacher Appreciation

We love and appreciate our Sunday Morning Bible Study teachers! We put together a slideshow tribute for them. Check it out!